Beijing8 App Finland!

We now have a Beijing8 app in Finland! 📲

From 20/4 - 30/4 you get a 30% discount on all purchases made through the app. You can pick up, or have it delivered to your home/office. Call to 0961593420 for the delivery area, costs and more details. Hope to hear from you!


Beijing8 has developed a new vegan dumpling based on soybeans & flavored with lemongrass. It is, like all our products, well-composed with regard to raw material, quality, nutrition, and environment.

In connection with the launch of the new dumpling, we will phase out the dumpling "Grilled vegetables". Our goal is to offer the customer a varied range of new and exciting flavors.

On 10/3-2020, Beijing8 will hold a demonstration at ICA Kvantum in Liljeholmen from 11.00 - 19.00, to celebrate the new dumpling & you get the chance to try our new product, Soybean & Lemongrass.

Click here to get directions to the store!

See you!


“Steam @home Finland!”

Now we start selling “steam @home” packages via foodora in Finland. You order a bag of pre-made food from us and then you cook it at home by your self or with friends and family. Order here!

Year of the Rat is here!

The Year of the Rat is the first zodiac sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle. You are a Rat If you are born in one of these years: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020.

Although a zodiac’s year is traditionally the most unfortunate, laden with bad omens and mishaps, 2020 will perform reasonably well for the Rat. Success will come in the form of career; celebrate the fact that your efforts will be rewarded and seen. Finances will be booming for the entirety of the year! Your income might even double. It would do you well to save and invest your hard earned money.

Beijing8 extends the cooperation with SOK on the Finnish Retail market

SOK, Finland's leading grocery retail chain and Beijing8 have agreed on increased cooperation through a central provision agreement. This will mean a significantly greater availability of Beijing8's products in the Finnish market and the number of selling stores will increase substantially from January 2020.

Read more here!

We now got Swish in our Swedish app!

Finally we got Swish in our Swedish app! Download the app and try it out today.📲⁠



Beijing8 is steaming ahead. Estonia next retail market.

Beijing8 is launching its retail concept in Estonia in cooperation with Prisma, one of the leading retail chains in Estonia.


Beijing8 Christmas Calender in Sweden!

HO HO HO, Beijing8 Santa Claus here! 🎅 Every day from December 1st to Christmas I will post new great deals in our Swedish app! Don't miss when your favorite meal or side comes among the offers.

Merry Christmas! 🎁

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Black Friday

On November 29th it’s black friday and we are going to make a difference by serving food to around 100 homeless people. Show your support by eating your lunch or dinner with us. ⁠

Retail map

With our store map you can quickly find where our delicious dumplings are available to buy! Check it out Here!

Revocation – Dressings from Beijing8 2019-08-13

BEIJING8 Revokes dressings because of, errors in the composition of the product and incorrect indication of storage. Too much fresh garlic in the packaging is believed to have caused the product to swell at room temperature. For safety reasons, all dressings of the GARLICOIL and MIANTIAO are now revoked. This applies to all the best before dates.


Beijing8 is looking for franchisees

Right now we are focusing on opening more restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala and we believe that the franchisees who succeed best are the ones with the greatest local knowledge and anchoring in their home market. Read more HERE!

Beijing8 introduces new vegan dumpling!

Our work with developing new exciting products, together with some of the Nordic region's most progressive companies, is part of our culture and has now resulted in our third completely green dumpling. In collaboration with Gold & Green, we have developed a variation based on Pulled Oats, mushrooms and flavoured with sesame oil and coriander. You can find it on the menu in our restaurants and for a limited time you can also get your own 10-piece pack to take home and enjoy together with some of our good greed complements, inspiration and recipes can be found here on the website. Click here! 

Do you want a 10-piece pack of Gold&Green dumplings that you can steam or fry at home? Check out our challenge on Instagram here!

Beijing8 raises growth-capital through crowdfunding on Pepins platform

Now we are taking the next step in our expansion with a focus on increased presence in the Nordic market. In cooperation with Pepins, we want to create an interest among new investors and at the same time spread ownership to existing and new consumers.

Read more about the campaign here!

We are launching a App with the Swedish innovation company LEEROY!

Together with the company LEEROY, Beijing8 is launching its own mobile app to enhance the customer journey for guests when buying their meal. The app makes it easy to order and pay directly in the mobile! Read the Swedish press release here!

Beijing8 celebrates Chinese New Year!

On the 5th of February we enter the Year of the Pig, a year reflected by expansion and problem solving according to the Chinese zodiac. For Beijing8, the journey continues with offering dumplings & tea in new exciting markets and in addition, a very own Beijing8 App is launched. Read the Swedish press release here!

Beijing8 will in 2019 offer its unique meal concept on hundred new grocery stores around the Nordic region

Beijing8 started in Stockholm 2011 and today has a steady foothold in the grocery trade. Did you know that 25 percent of the population eat dumplings at least once a week, according to a recent study conducted in Stockholm. Read the Swedish press release here!

This year’s Students’ Nobel NightCap at Stockholm School of Economics is sponsored by Beijing8

During the evening of December 10th, this year's Nobel dinner will be held and will Stockholm School of Economics will host the official after-party. Beijing8 will be one of the few selected partners to invite Sweden's most important people on dumplings. Read the Swedish press release here!

Beijing8 is selected to serve food at SLUSH, the world’s largest annual startup and tech event

"The choice to participate in SLUSH 2018 was easy. At Beijing8, we strive to be at the forefront of food trends, technology, and to provide today's consumers with good, sustainable and fast food to meet their life situation! "Said Casimir Reincke, chief of land in Beijing8. Read the Swedish or Finnish press release here!

Try our two new unique dishes at all restaurants in the Nordic region!

Now you can mix Beijing8's self-produced dumplings and sides with two new iconic dishes inspired by Chinese cuisine; Tang Mian noodle soup and lunchbox Bao at all restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Read the Swedish pressrelease here!

Fast-growing meal concept has gained a foothold in Skåne’s grocery stores!

The dumpling trend continues to spread in Sweden and now you can buy Beijing8's meal concept with dumplings, steam baskets, sauces, dressings and teas in several places in Skåne. According to a recent survey, a quarter of all respondents in the age of 20-45 say that they eat dumplings at least once a week! Read the Swedish press release here!

Beijing8 introduces its meal concept to the Finnish market in cooperation with S-Group

Following the success of the company's first restaurant in Helsinki, it is finally time to offer customers the products in the Food Markets Herkkus stores in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Read the Swedish or Finnish Press release here!

Beijing8 continues to grow

We are strengthening our presence in southern Sweden with a new restaurant in Helsingborg.
In 2018, Beijing8 has opened three restaurants and on October 26th, the fourth opens. Beijing8 plans to continue expanding to invite more guests to try dumplings and tea around the Nordic region. Read the Swedish press release here!

Beijing8 will the 17th of September be available at Meny grocery store in Norway!

We are expanding our presences on the Norwegian market. Earlier this year Beijing8 opened two restaurants in Oslo and soon you will find Beijing8's own Dumplings and other assortments in the grocery stores  throughout the country on Meny. Read the Swedish press release here.

Pork BBQ- our summer dumpling is soon here!

Beijing8 launches a new special dumpling, Pork BBQ. The new spicy and tasteful dumpling is perfect for warm summer days! Together with Beijing8's green sides, it's a perfect picnic lunch to take to the park.
Beijing8 always has 8 different flavors on dumplings, one of which rotates by season. Pork BBQ launched on Monday, July 2nd at all restaurants. Welcome!

Hello Helsingborg!

We are excited to announce that we are opening our first Restaurant in Skåne, Helsingborg at SöDER in October! Join the local Beijing8 Facebook page for more updates here!

Beijing8 Ice Cream

Our new Chinese flavoured Ice Cream is a collaboration with the newly started Swedish company Nordic Fauna Ice Cream. Welcome to any of our restaurant and try Ginger & Lemongrass or Milky Oolong. Read the Swedish Press Release here!



Happy Easter!

During the Easter weekend 30/3 - 2/4 we are treating all our guests to FREE dessert when ordering any set menu. Just tell our staff you want the "Easter Deal". Welcome in!

OSLO here we come again!

Soon we will be opening not only one, but two new restaurants in Oslo. You will find us on Tjuvholmen and Steen & Strom. See you!

Lamb Edamame

Our special dumpling of the month Lamb Edamame is now available in all our restaurants!

Happy Chinese New Year!

2018 is the Year of the Dog!

We would like to celebrate this by welcoming all Dogs born 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006 to our restaurant during 16 Feb - 2 Mar to get our 15% off buddy card for the full year!

Happy New Year!


100% More Vegan

Our greenest dumpling just got company. Say hi to our brand new Spicy beans & celery dumpling served with a few tasty vegan side dishes. Have a great and green dumpling lunch or dinner or whatever.

Special 100% vegan menu 96:- 3 Grilled vegetables dumplings, 3 Spicy beans & celery dumplings, 1 Edamame, 1 Broccoli, 1 Dip sauce

Add on: Soft drink 15:- Beijing8 Hot tea 15:- Beijing8 Ice tea 25:- Watermelon with lemon & mint dip 20:-


Mukbang (from Korean 먹방; meokbang; lit. "eating broadcast") is an online broadcast in which a host eats food while interacting with their audience. Starting 28th of March everyone is invited to livestream from our mukbang stations at Beijing8 in Hornstull, welcome!

AW-Deals & Lunchbox +

We've made After Work deals for you and your friends that works between 16.00 - 18.30 on Wednesdays & Fridays.

Deal 1: 1 Beijing Gold + 3 dumplings................60

Deal 2: 1 Glass wine + 3 dumplings................70

Deal 3: 1 Ice Tea + 3 dumplings................60

We've also made a Lunchbox plus for those of you who weren't quite satisfied with the normal lunchbox.

Lunchbox plus: 12 dumplings (same sort or Chef's choice), 1 rice or glass noodle salad, 1 dip sauce & 1 hot tea................112

This is available as usual between 11.00 - 15.00 on Mondays till Fridays.

New restaurant menus

Now we have new menus available in our restaurants which makes it easier for you and your friends to order dumplings.

Xiao: 9 dumplings (Chef's choice), 1 side dish of your liking, 1 Dip sauce....................96:-

Zhong: 18 dumplings (Chef's choice), 2 side dishes of your liking, 2 Dip sauces.................192:-

Da: 36 dumplings (Chef's choice), 4 side dishes of your liking, 4 Dip sauces.................384:-

These menus are available after 15.00 on Mondays till Fridays + all the time on Saturdays and Sundays.

Enlighten your day with a Fortune cookie

Enlighten your day with our "year of the ape" fortune cookie. Nicely wrapped in a pink cover. If you are lucky, it might come with a surprise too. An enlightening end to a good meal.

Spice it up!

Spice up your noodles and vegetables with our new dressings that comes in four different kinds. They are delicious. They also goes well with fish and meat.

Miantiao has a sweet-sour taste with a deep umami and a slight bite. Goes well with noodles and rice, steamed fish, tofu and stir-fried vegetables.

Shucai has a sweet-sour taste with rich burnt tones from black rice vinegar. Particularly good for vegetables and root crops with its own sweetness.

Daogao has a hot, very rich flavor with rich umami and some acidity. Goes well with green beans and warm vegetables. Also nice with pork, seafood and grilled steak.

Beijing8 has been nominated for the ” Taste developer of the year” award

Beijing8 has been nominated for the "Taste Developer of the Year award. The prize is rewarded to "a food producer, which performed an important innovation in taste and perceived quality and thus contributed to the gastronomic development and deployment". The price is a collaboration between the White Guide and the Swedish Food Federation

Dumpling sauces

We have made four delicious dumpling sauces to come with your dumpling meal; Sesame & Red pepper, Plum & Ginger, Chili & Coriander and a Chili mayonnaise. They come in nice colorful dipcups. In retail stores the sauces are also available in bottles.

New retail tea bags

Beijing8’s tea range is now available in our new re-sealable packaging. Choose from our Organic Chinese range, Gunpowder green, Fine Oolong, Lapsang Souchong, Pu-Erh and Cranberry & Ginger green. Pick up a bag or two from Beijing8 Restaurants.

Our dumpling hot pot is back!

The Beijing8 Dumpling hot pot is back. Your choice of steamed dumplings, served with glass noodles, vegetables and topped with either Miso or Chicken broth. Perfect for the winter months!


Yes we have take-away too! Call or e-mail us and we will prepare a nice meal for you to pick up. Do you prefer to steam yourself? Steamers, fresh dumplings, sauces and marinades are available to buy in the restaurants and also in certain grocery stores

Our organic Ice teas

Our ice teas are brewed from organic chinese tea, flavored with natural ingredients and carefully sweetened with organic sugar. They come in three different flavors; mango citrus, apple ginger and elderflower ginger.