Easily make some of our tasty sides at home!

Easily make some of our tasty sides at home!
Vegan dumplings and 2 side dishes

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Vegan dumplings and 2 side dishes

Just like in a Chinese dumpling bar, our guests order tasty sides to create a nutritious and complete dumpling meal. You can easily make some of our sides yourself ! Here are our most popular, good and tasty recipes!


400 grams of organic broccoli
12 cl . Beijing8 Garlic oil
Salt flakes

Cut the broccoli in nice serving pieces. Steam the broccoli in your steam basket for about 3 minutes to keep it crispy . Sprinkle over oil and salt flakes!


400 grams of edamame beans
Salt Flakes

Edamame beans are usually already cooked when you buy them and therefore only need to be heated.

Place your beans in a steam basket and place the basket on pot with boiling water. Make sure to use a lid and steam for 5-6 minutes!


280 grams of haricots
160 grams of bacon
80 g salad salad 16 cl .
Beijing8 Daogao dressing

Divide the haricots in the middle and slice the salad. Cut the bacon in small pieces.

Start with frying the bacon on high heat . When the bacon is almost ready, put the haricots in and cook for another 1 minute. Add the salad and cook for another 20 seconds. Mix in the Daogao dressing and serve!