Beijing8 launches non-alcoholic beer!

Beijing8 expands its beverage range and launches a non-alcoholic Pale Ale flavored with citrus.

Beer of the monkey is brewed on Pale Ale malt, a small proportion of wheat malt and American hops of the varieties Citra and Mosaik, which gives the beer a lovely light tone of citrus. The beer suits the Asian cuisine perfectly and is perfect for dumplings. The refreshing flavors of Beer of the Monkey also fit nicely with the summer's grilled delights such as salmon, BBQ and goat cheese.

The beer is today told on all Beijign8's restaurants and well-sorted Ica, Coop and Mathem. Visit, among others, Hemköp Solna C, Ica Quantum Norrtälje Flygfyren or Coop Avenue to find our new Alcohol-free Beer of the Monkey!