Our story

WELCOME TO BEIJING8, where dumplings dance, bao buns bounce, and dipping sauces adds the fireworks!

Beijing8 started in 2012 with a mission to create a playful, easy, and enjoyable dining experience. After a short detour where the brand was purchased by another company, it is now back in good hands where it belongs. We believe in the importance of constantly evolving, and it is therefore with great pleasure that we announce some exciting changes ahead.

Since the beginning of 2023 we started working on updating the brand. Some of these changes were creating better packaging, new flavors and more products. As we continue to grow, we stick to the foundation and the original idea of bringing you the playful Asian food experience at home.

Om oss

Beijing8 är skandinaviens mest uppskattade dumplingvarumärke, nu med uppdaterad profil och nya spännande produkter. Vi tillhandahåller spännande asiatiska smaker, paketerat på ett inspirerande och lättillgängligt sätt som gör det möjligt för alla att få god och näringsrik mat hemma.

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Taste development & Inspiration

Christin Kashou

At Beijing8, we're thrilled to have Christin Kashou, the winner of Sweden's Master Chef 2021, as our productdeveloper. Christin's has a background in Chinese cuisine and a large passion for making Asian cooking easier for home cooks.

But she doesn't stop there! Christin is on a mission to spark your culinary creativity and will provide you with inspiration and recipes to make you dining experience as easy as possible. You will find everything she creats on our website and social media platforms, all designed to help you effortlessly craft the perfect meal for your everyday life at home. With Christin by your side, your dining experiences are about to get a whole lot more exciting!