Our story

At Beijing8, we cook tasty dumplings made from natural ingredients in a sustainable way.

Our concept

Slow Fast Food

Beijing8 combines the best of traditional Chinese food culture with a sustainable approach. We call it slow fast food – a philosophy reflected in our restaurants and shops. Buy a bamboo steamer and make your own dumplings at home. Add our tasty sauces. Grab some fresh greens from the vegetable aisle and you’ve got everything you need. Dumplings are an easy to cook, tasty and healthy meal.

We serve traditional dumplings and complementary products in an urban setting with a contemporary ambience. Combining ancient Chinese food culture with modern values of ecology and long-term sustainability, we offer what many have been lacking. Fast service and relaxed meals, a better tasting experience at a lower price and simple food in a carefully designed package.

We call it slow fast food


The strength of a long-term partnership

At Beijing8, we have a passion for food and people. We are confident that most of our expansion in the coming years will be through collaboration with local franchises – building strong long-term partnerships. The independence to lead one’s own business in combination with a clear and well-proven concept is the driving force behind our franchise plan.