At Beijing8 we do what we love the most – dumplings and more.

The best of traditional Chinese food culture together with visions of sustainability. We call it slow fast food.

Dumplings dinner

Want to buy dumplings in store?

Our products are also available in grocery stores across Sweden, Finland, Norway and Estonia.
Cooking dumplings

Dumpling recipes

Everything you need to know about cooking dumplings at home like a pro. Get inspired and invite your friends over to a dumpling feast!

Cook dumplings at home

There are as many ways to eat dumplings as there are people in China. No matter how you choose to cook your dumplings, it’s good, easy and fun to eat them with different sides.

Order through our app

Through the Beijing8 app, you can pre-order, pay and pick up your food without having to queue in the restaurant. The app also offers great deals. Order from the office, on the way to the restaurant or on the train. Order lunch for one or more, the phone tells when the food is ready for pickup.

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