Slow fast food

Asian Street Food Made in Sweden

Welcome to Beijing8, a restaurant chain and retail concept for slow fast food. We serve traditional dumplings, and complementary products in an urban setting with a contemporary ambience.

We call it slow fast food.

Locally produced

We produce all of our Bejing8 products in Jordbro outstide of Stockholm, Sweden.

Simple & tasty

Our dumplings only takes 15 minutes to cook. Crave it, heat it, eat it, love it!

In a store near you

You can find our products in more than 1089 supermarkets around Sweden and more to come.

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Be your own chef

Cook your own dumplings at home

There are as many ways to eat dumplings as there are people in China. No matter how you choose to cook your dumplings, it's both easy and tasty to eat them with different sides.

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